1. Music Ministries

    To prepare for the anthem presentation on our church’s anniversary (October 6), the choir will practise at church from 1 pm to 2:30 pm on September 15 and 29. If you would like to join the choir, please speak with the Music Director, Joanne Loo, on or before September 8. Thank you.

  2. English Conversation Class

    English conversation class every Friday from 10:00am to 10:30am will resume on Sept 6.

  3. Sep-Oct Roster

    The September to October rosters for Cantonese and English worships are now available on St. E website!
    They are also be available for pick up on the front desk at church.

  4. St. E’s Camera Club Outing

    St. E’s Camera Club will be having our next outing on Saturday, August 31st to St. Jacobs. We will meet at St. Elizabeth’s at 8:30am. We welcome anyone to join.
    Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, August 28st at 8:00pm, it will take place at St. Elizabeth’s. We will share pictures and discuss about our future plans.
    For more information, please contact Anna Lo or Annie Chan at cameraclub@stechurch.com.

  5. Memorial Day by Great Toronto Chinese Christian Churches' Council

    The Memorial Day gathering will be held at 10am on August 30. The location will be Highland Hills Memorial Gardens (12492 Woodbine Avenue, Gormley, Ontario). To sign up, please contact Joel Chiu.

  6. Workshop: How the Anglican works in Toronto

    Bishop Yu will conduct a workshop here at St. E on “How the Anglican Church Works in Toronto” at 10am - noon on Sept 14 (Sat). Bishop Yu will give a brief introduction to the practice of how the Diocese of Toronto runs and the theology behind it. He will cover topics such as the three current ways churches are governed, law and tradition behind the Anglican model, the relationship between Diocese and parish and, to our current interest, how ministers are appointed. Although Bishop Yu will prepare his presentation slides in both English and Chinese, the workshop will be conducted in either Cantonese or English depending on the majority.

  7. Sep 8 Town Hall Meeting

    The Incumbent and Wardens team is calling a seasonal town hall meeting after Cantonese Sunday service on Sep 8. The purpose of the meeting is to provide updates about our ministry and plan to the parishioners. At the same time, the leadership can listen to parishioner feedback. Everyone is welcome. The length of the meeting will be about one hour. Light lunch and refreshments will be prepared on that day with open donation for the town hall attendees.

  8. Summer Conference Follow Up

    If you have not completed the feedback survey for the conference, please do so before Sun Aug 25. Printed copies of the survey are available at the front desk or go to our website:
    Recordings of Bishop Jenny’s talks and conference photos are also available on this website.

  9. Housekeeping Chores

    As you all agree, our church lawn and flower garden are looking better every year. There is no doubt that maintaining it requires a lot of love, care and time. Starting July till October, you can be part of our lawn and garden maintenance team. Please come and join us the last Saturday of each month, from 9 am to noon.  Mark your calendar and show some support! Please contact Tali Wong or email to propetymgt@stechurch.com so we can schedule and plan ahead. Thank you.

  10. Cantonese Tuesday Night Sunday

    From June 18, Fr. Bill will conduct study in Cantonese on every first and 3rd Tuesday night (7:45pm to 9:15).