1. Dec 22 Farewell Liturgy for Fr. Bill & Family
    Next Sunday Dec 22, we will do a special prayer at the end each of the three services as part of farewell for Fr. Bill and his family. We invite all parishioners to participate in this service.
  2. Christmas Day Trilingual Holy Communion service

    We will have trilingual holy communion service at 11am on December 25.  Let's praise God and celebrate Christmas together on December. 

  3. Faith Formation Notice

    The Faith Formation Committee has prepared an Advent Calendar for all Sunday School
    children. Please obtain a copy from your Sunday School teacher before December 1st . We ask
    the parents to read through the instructions and help your children make Advent more
    meaningful this year. A soft copy has been uploaded onto the St. E website for those who prefer
    a soft copy.

  4. Christmas Flowers

    Every Christmas we have Christmas flowers for decoration. We encourage parishioners to order Christmas flowers at $7.00 per pot. Please ask Marian Chu for order.  Christmas flowers can be taken home after the Christmas Day service. 

  5. Jan-Feb Roster

    Jan-Feb rosters are being prepared in the coming weeks. To help simplify the preparation process we ask all existing roster members and new members interested in serving to sign up for their postings on the blank roster sheet posted on bulletin board this week. Any remaining blank spaces will be assigned to existing members by roster coordinator. Thank you for your support. Please contact Fenella with your concerns, feedback or planned absences.