1. Finance Update

    a) Q3 Finance - Net Operating is positive, but mainly from occupancy income and lower expenses. Regular donation income is below budget by about ~$13,000. Encourage members to consider offering more during this Christmas season. We should be able to repay $10,000 of loan from Diocese using building fund by end of year as budgeted

    b) 2020 Budget - ministry leaders are putting together budget now. Roof replacement will be put in budget for next year. 2020 Allotment appeal to be submitted to Diocese

    c) 2019 Expense Reimbursement - If you have expenses paid for the church, please submit it before the end of the year for reimbursement. Late submission will not be accepted.

  2. Christmas Celebration Party

    We are thankful to announce that the tickets for the annual Christmas party are all sold out. The party will be held on the Saturday evening of December 14 from 6 to 9:30 p.m. On that evening, we will serve the quarter chicken with delicious side dishes and desert, sing carols, play games, have performances, self-served photo booth and surely will enjoy an evening of fellowship together.

  3. Christmas Day Trilingual Holy Communion service

    We will have trilingual holy communion service at 11am on December 25.  Let's praise God and celebrate Christmas together on December. 

  4. Christmas Carolling

    We are planning to carol at Trillium Health Partners – Mississauga Hospital in December. If you are interested in participating, please sign up with Michelle Zheng.

    1. December 7th at Credit Valley 2-4 pm.
    2. December 15th at Mississauga Hospital 2-4 PM. 

    Important notes:
    (1) We will be going into a hospital. If you are sick, please do not attend this event, so that you do not pass your illness to a patient.
    (2) A parent or a guardian appointed by the parent must accompany any individuals under the age of 18 at all times while we are on hospital property. If the individual is accompanied by a guardian, the parent will need to sign a parental permission form.

  5. Faith Formation Notice

    The Faith Formation Committee has prepared an Advent Calendar for all Sunday School
    children. Please obtain a copy from your Sunday School teacher before December 1st . We ask
    the parents to read through the instructions and help your children make Advent more
    meaningful this year. A soft copy has been uploaded onto the St. E website for those who prefer
    a soft copy.

  6. Christmas Flowers

    Every Christmas we have Christmas flowers for decoration. We encourage parishioners to order Christmas flowers at $7.00 per pot. Please ask Marian Chu for order.  Christmas flowers can be taken home after the Christmas Day service. 

  7. Fr.Bill‘s Vacation

    According the policy of the diocese and the Bishop, Fr. Bill will have his vacation on Nov 4-17 and Dec 9-15.